José María Méndez (CECA).

Presidency of FINRESP

The Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (CECA) is a banking association created in 1928 to represent, defend and disseminate the interests of credit institutions, banking foundations and ordinary foundations linked to the banking sector. It provides advice and support to its members in their aim to offer services that promote financial inclusion and access to credit.

Alejandra Kindelán (AEB)

The Spanish Banking Association (AEB) is a professional association open to all Spanish and foreign banks operating in Spain. Although membership is voluntary, in practice most banks in Spain are members of the Association. Since its creation in 1977, it has been committed to the development of the Spanish banking system and its contribution to the country’s economic growth.

Ángel Martínez-Aldama (INVERCO)

The Association of Collective Investment Institutions and Pension Funds (INVERCO) is an association created in 1987 that brings together almost all the Investment Funds and Investment Companies, Spanish Pension Funds, and foreign Collective Investment Institutions registered with the CNMV for the purpose of marketing in Spain, whose objective is research, training, opinion creation and dissemination on collective savings, social welfare and wealth management systems.

Manuel Ruiz Escudero (UNACC)

The National Union of Credit Cooperatives (UNACC) is the association constituted in 1970, which currently has 42 associated credit cooperatives and whose objective is to defend, disseminate and contribute to deepening the cooperative model of credit, making banking close, sustainable and socially responsible, which allows to protect access and choice to financial and banking services.

Mirenchu del Valle (UNESPA)

The Unión Española de Entidades Aseguradoras y Reaseguradoras y de Capitalización (UNESPA) is an association founded in 1977 and represents 200 companies before all types of institutions and organisations, both national and international, in order to be present in all major social debates related to insurance activity and thus constantly convey the values and advances that insurance brings.